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"Four Foundational Principles"
Four Principles (640x480)
To understand the message God has for Habakkuk, you need to understand four foundational principles found in the text. These principles will help prepare you not only for how God answered Habakkuk, but also for how God will answer you when you ask, “Why God?” We’ve put together a resource that you can use to learn these principles with the reference from Habakkuk and other scripture that will help you study and learn. Call or write us to request this complimentary postcard. Use the card to memorize and then study each of the scriptures and principles, then use them as a foundation to stand on. It’s our gift to you as a thank you for listening.

 “The Message of Habakkuk"
Habakkuk book (434x640)With your gift of $20 or more, we’ll show our thanks by
sending you a copy of Tim’s book based on our series titled, The Message of Habakkuk: When Your Circumstances Challenge the Promises of God. This book
contains all the principles you’ll be hearing here on the program. You can read the book
in its entirety and then re-read it chapter by chapter as you follow along with the radio
program. You’ll be amazed at how this book will help you to deal with your own
circumstances by understanding the biblical principles we’re learning from Habakkuk.


"Biblical Believer CD Set"

There are a lot of people out there who claim they are believers following after Christ Jesus. But what do other’s see in them. And how do they act? Are they in line with the scriptures? This 6 CD set will help you learn to become a redeemed, growing believer. How to be a praying believer, a disciple maker and much more. You’ll find this message will help to inspire you as well as others and you’ll want to share this with them. We know this message will help strengthen your relationship with Christ.

 You are invited to request your copy, at no cost to you, by simply calling us at 844-825-1262 and tell us you would like to own Biblical Believer on CD. Or you can request a copy by emailing us at

“Marriage Fixer Upper Postcards”

Each of these postcards are yours at no cost. Just call or write to us and ask for the Marriage Fixer Upper postcards. Our mailing address is The Worthy Walk, PO Box 1262, Akron, Ohio 44309.
You can also email us at to request them as well.

“Marriage Fixer Upper CD Set”
Contact us to receive the entire series, Marriage Fixer Upper on CD, uncut as Tim originally preached it. Marriage-Fixer-Upper-CD-setYou can listen on your own or with your spouse…at home, in your car, or on your iPhone. Or use it as a study at your church. This series is yours when you give a generous gift of $25 or more. In addition, when you become a Worthy Walk Partner,  you will receive the CD set of the series, a flash drive with each sermon that can be loaded on your computer and we will include all the resources we’ve been offering as supplements to this teaching series. Each of the postcards…The Characteristics of Constructing a Home, Essential Principles of Every Marriage, The Four Parts of a Marriage, The Actions of the Wife, The Actions of the Husband, and Practical Steps in Resolving Conflicts in Marriage. These cards, plus the CD set and flash drive of this series are yours when you commit to a monthly gift only $25 or more!"

Click here to become a Worthy Walk Partner!


"Practical Steps in Resolving Conflicts in Marriage"
Luke 6:41-42, Colossians 3:8-9, Ephesians 4:29, Proverbs 15:12, 32
Relationships are not easy…They can be the messiest projects we ever initiate.
Our goal in this series has been help your marriages become beautiful…but, no matter how careful we plan there will still be set backs. When conflict invades the home, what do you do?
How do you resolve them? Learn the "why" and "how" of controlling your anger and learn "how to have a 'good' fight!"


"The Actions of Wives" and "The Actions of Husbands"
1 Peter 3:1-7
Actions-of-Wife-HusbandEach of you has a choice today.
Each woman and each man has a decision. Are you going to actively pursue your God given role or live by your own plan? Your plan will create barriers...misunderstanding...distance.
But God's plan will allow both women and men to fulfill their role to be what God intends for each other.

"House Project Homework"

For use after Marriage Fixer Upper pt 3
1 Peter 1:1-7, there are 3 projects for both the wife and the husband. Your homework is for each of you, husband and wife, to search and study this scripture and working together, study each others answers. If your answers are different, go back and try it again as this is essential for moving on to part 4 of Marriage Fixer Upper!

Click for a downloadable pdf file

"Four Parts of a Marriage”
Ephesians 5:18; 21-28...
From Ephesians, chapter 5, Paul gives us a command. Actually, several commands...that teach us the four parts of what a biblical marriage should be. This resource, a postcard that lists the four parts of a marriage, shows us what Paul is expecting us to do as a husband and wife. The card also lists the scripture reference from which the command comes. Use this card, as with the others, to memorize the scripure and the commands as given to us by Paul in Ephesians.

"Essential Principles of Every Marriage”

Genesis 2:24-25...The principles, characteristics and attributes Tim is teaching come directly from scripture in the Bible. EssentialPrinciplesOfMarriageWe are offering a postcard to help memorize the 4 Essential Principles of Every Marriage. The first side of the card will list the scripture from Proverbs and from Genesis that contain the characteristics and principles we are learning. The flip side will list the 4 principles every marriage needs to build the foundation for a successful marriage.  Memorizing scripture is one of the most important practices in our Christian life. It can strengthen your prayer life, help you grow spiritually and it will begin to change your outlook on life. As you begin the remodel of your marriage, memorizing these scripture principles will help you grow as a husband or wife.


“The Characteristics of Constructing a Home”
CharacteristicsConstructingHomeProverbs 24:3-4...
From this verse we learn that there are 3 attributes that make up a home…wisdom, understanding and knowledge. And the 3 verbs from the scripture, built, established and filled, are the characteristics of constructing a home. We are offering this postcard as a resource to memorize Proverbs 24:3-4. Then begin studying and memorizing the attributes and characteristics. This knowledge will be needed as we build the rest of the marriage model.

"Philippians: A Manifesto to Joy"
We live in a world that is desperate for happiness. It is a happiness based on circumstance.ManifestoToJoy_CD-set In Philippians: A Manifesto to Joy, Pastor Tim Armstrong takes a look at Paul’s letter to the Philippians and shows that joy actually has nothing to do with our happiness, circumstances or any facet of our earthly life.

Philippians is a book filled with many themes regarding joy and how to be people of joy, but also so much more! You'll learn how to pray like Paul, how to be a follower of Christ and what our conduct should look like in our lives. You'll understand the value of unity, sanctification, and what it means to stand firm. The message from Paul, his manifesto to joy, has many lessons to be learned not only for the church he planted in Philippi, but for us and the church today.

Joy-Regardless-of-CDsThis is a special edition, 40 CD set with a bonus CD containing his notes for use in a classroom or seminar setting. You can use this for a one on one deep bible study or share at your church or small group for an in-depth study that will take you deep into God’s Word. You can request this entire set on either a special edition CD set or on a flash drive that be used with a smart TV or on a computer. The special boxed set of the teaching from the book of Philippians normally sells for over $150 but for your gift of only $99, the entire teaching series Philippians: A Manifesto to Joy, can be yours.

To send your gift and request your copy of Philippians: A Manifesto to Joy, simply follow this link...WORTHY WALK GIFT.

 "Learning to Be Content CD Set"
This powerful message can be yours as part as our thank you when you give a generous financial gift to this ministry to help keep The Worthy Walk on the air.LearningToBeContentCDseries  We think you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity and support The Worthy Walk. Learning to Be Content, teaches how to trust in the sufficiency of Jesus and gives action steps to contentment. And you’ll learn why Paul is a man of joy, even though he is writing this letter from a cold, dark prison cell. Learn the key to contentment and the promised result.

The Worthy Walk is made possible by the generous contributions of listeners like you. And to get your copy of the CD set of Learning to Be Content, simply call 844-825-1262 to make your contribution over the phone. Or, donate right from the website where you can give safely and securely give a gift of $50, $30 or just $20 and we’ll send your copy of Learning to Be Content. If you’d like to write to us and send a contribution that way, the address…PO Box 1262, Akron, Ohio 44309. 

"Anxiety and Panic Attacks"
Suffering from anxiety and panic attacks can feel incapacitating. One minute you feel fine, and the next your heart is pounding, your mind is racing, and your stomach is clenching. Anxiety_And_Panic_AttacksSometimes it even feels like you might be having a heart attack. The Bible says, "Be anxious for nothing," but that feels impossible when you're even becoming afraid of being afraid!

Thankfully, you have a God who does not leave you alone in your fear and instead uses it to reveal his great love for you. With helpful, practical guidance, experienced counselor Jocelyn Wallace helps you understand the roots of your anxiety and to see how Christ meets you in your struggle and provides everything you need to begin to address it.

To get your copy, you can write to us at The Worthy Walk, PO Box 1262, Akron, OH 44309.  Or email us at And as always, you can call us at 844-825-1262. This resource is offered at no cost to our listeners but we would appreciate any donation you would like to give.

“Wilderness Lessons CD Set
There are many people in the Old Testament who had what we might call a wilderness experience. In the Scriptures, there are actual places called the wilderness…actual locations. But the phrase can also be used as a metaphor for despair, rejection and fear.

WildernessLessonsWe can relate to people like this. We all have difficult times...we all have “wilderness experiences.” But wilderness experiences produce something in our lives. In this series from Tim Armstrong, we have an opportunity to study 4 people who overcame incredible hardships. We will see that it’s in the wilderness that God works in our lives. 

This CD set can be yours for a gift of $20 or more. Use this resource to learn how to deal with your own wilderness experiences or share it with someone you love to help them understand how God uses these life experiences to work in our lives!