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"Knowing Jesus CD Set"
I Am the bread…the light… the door… the good shepherd… the resurrection… the way… the vine. And the deepest statement of all… the “I Am” saying found in John 11:25…”I am the resurrection and the life.” With these statements, Jesus made an emphatic statement about His deity. He identified Himself as God.

In this study of the “I Am” statements of Jesus, Pastor Tim Armstrong explores the scripture and introduces us to Jesus as He wants Himself to be known.KnowingJesusCDsetBook

Knowing Jesus: The I Am Sayings of Jesus is a 10 part series and is being offered as a complete CD set for a gift of only $30.00. This is a series that you can listen to over and over again. It is also a great gift for someone else, or even to use in a classroom or bible study session. In addition, Tim has just published a new book called Knowing Jesus: The I Am Sayings of Jesus. This book takes each of Tim’s messages and explains each of the principles that are found in scripture. This is a great companion piece to the sermons as you study the I Am Sayings found in the book of John. That’s the 10 CD set and the booklet, Knowing Jesus for your gift of $30 or more. 

To get your copy, call 844-825-1262 to make your contribution over the phone. Or simply write to us and send your tax deductible donation that way. Our mailing address…PO Box 1262, Akron, Ohio 44309. 

Or, click here to give safely and securely online. Be sure to leave a comment that you would like Knowing Jesus.

"The Door: Reformation 500" CD Set
CD set The Door
As you probably know, the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg is where Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses. There is much history involved with the protestant reformation and it’s important to understand that history. We are offering for a limited time the entire message series “The Door” as a CD series set for a financial gift of any amount. You’ll learn the history of Luther, of the men who came before him and of how the church of today began. For a gift of any amount, we’ll send you the entire series of 4 CDs.

To get your copy, call 844-825-1262. One of our staff will take your information and send the CD set of The Door directly to you. You can also click here to donate and get your copy. If you’d prefer to mail your donation, the address is PO Box 1262, Akron, Ohio 44309.

"Martin Luther's 95 Theses"
95 ThesesTo combat abuses in the church of his day, a young German monk drafted a document containing 95 Theses for public debate. Martin Luther posted these "theses" on the church door in Wittenberg, an action that helped spark the Protestant Reformation.

This booklet will list the 95 Theses Luther wrote and as you study the reformation, these will shed light on the principle of following true doctrine over man made doctrine. This book is yours at no cost, just call or write for your copy.    

Stephen J. Nichols has prepared this edition with an illuminating introduction, explanatory notes, and several illustrations to provide readers with access to this Christian classic.

"The Biblical Believer"
What are the attributes of a person who is a true believer in Christ?

Biblical-Believer-bookcoverThis is an important question each of us as followers of Jesus should ask ourselves. 2 Corinthians 13:5 tells us to “Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you? — unless indeed you fail to meet the test!” Can you imagine a more horrific fate than believing you are a Christian only to discover, upon meeting Jesus, that you are not — that He does not know you?

Pastor Tim Armstrong shows what Scripture teaches us is needed to evaluate if you are living out the attributes of a true follower of Christ.

This booklet can be yours for giving a generous gift of $25.00 or more to this ministry. As a bonus, when you make your donation, we'll send along a complete CD set or flash drive with all 6 messages Pastor Armstrong preached in this series! To get your copy, simply call us at 844-825-1262 and we can accept your donation over the phone or click here to give a gift online. Be sure to mention in the comments you would like a copy of Biblical Believer. Again, we'll send the Biblical Believer booklet and CD set or flash drive.

"Faith and Doubt: When Belief is Hard"
Faith_and_DoubtWhen you do become a fully devoted follower of Christ, faith and doubt will still creep in. You may still question many of the things you’ve recently learned. We’ve all experienced this. We are offering a booklet titled, Faith and Doubt: When Belief is Hard.

You made a commitment to Jesus (or maybe you didn’t), but now you are questioning everything. Is there a God? Are you really forgiven and accepted for Jesus’s sake? It sounds too good to be true. And if the Bible really is true and Jesus really did rise from the dead, how come you don’t feel any different?

Steve Brown, a preacher, pastor, and radio broadcaster, has experienced all of the same kinds of doubts and questions. He gently uncovers for you some reasons we doubt and how to step into the rest of faith. All Christians experience doubt, admitting your questions and turning to God will renew your hope and faith.

Just call 844-825-1262 and we’ll send it out at no cost to you.

"Put Off/Put On ... Embracing God’s Work of Sanctification in Your Life"
Sanctification is defined as the process of becoming holy or becoming more like Christ. And this starts with us beginning to break old habits. Put Off Put On CoverHowever, the changing of old habits by itself will not take place until we replace the old habits with new ones. Ephesians 4 tells us, "... As the truth is in Jesus, put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires, and be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and put on the new self, created after the
likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness." In other words, put off the old sinful way of life, renew our minds with Biblical truth and put on the new godly way of life.

Tim teaches us that we are worshipers of God because we’ve been given the Spirit of God. God intends for us to
pursue the putting off of the old man and for lasting change, the putting on of the new man. This book will help
explain that process ... the process of renewing our minds, of understanding the truths of God’s word, in the holy spirit of God. A copy of this book is yours with a gift of any amount to The Worthy Walk. If you’re ready to make that
commitment to renew your mind, and to put on a new self, we would love to talk with you and pray with you as you begin this life changing decision. 

 "Illustrated Plan of Salvation"
God really does love you and he has a wonderful plan for your life! This complimentary resource will explain that to you. Or use this as a way to give hope to someone you know. Show them God’s plan of salvation for them. It’s important to know God’s plan for our lives and to share how to develop that personal relationship with Him. This tool will help you share His plan of salvation with a friend or someone you might meet. By using this illustrated resource, you can explain step by step using one bible verse ... Romans 6:23.

“The Message of Habakkuk"
Pastor Armstrong wants all of our listeners to have a copy of his book, The Message of Habakkuk: When Your Circumstances Challenge the Promises of God. While we appreciate, and covet your financial support, today we are offering the book at no cost. Just call or write and ask for your copy and we’ll send it out right away. Habakkuk-bookWe do need your support, but the reason for this program and the reason for this particular message has nothing to do with finances, giving or any monetary support. It has to do with the message itself. Tim believes this message is such an important and critical message for believers to understand.

It answers the question, "Why?" Why, God are you allowing this to happen? Why the death of a loved one, an unexpected job loss or a devastating diagnosis. This book, written 2500 years ago answers that question. And it leads to a comforting answers. Tim’s book is based on our series and is titled, The Message of Habakkuk: When Your Circumstances Challenge the Promises of God. It contains all the principles you’ll be hearing here on the program. You can read the book in its entirety and then re-read it chapter by chapter as you follow along with the radio program. You’ll be amazed at how this book will help you to deal with your own circumstances by understanding the biblical principles we’re learning from Habakkuk.

Just call 844-825-1262 or send an email to to request your copy. And to hear the radio program from the beginning, go to our daily archive. We post all of our daily programs here.

"Philippians: A Manifesto to Joy"
We live in a world that is desperate for happiness. It is a happiness based on circumstance.ManifestoToJoy_CD-set In Philippians: A Manifesto to Joy, Pastor Tim Armstrong takes a look at Paul’s letter to the Philippians and shows that joy actually has nothing to do with our happiness, circumstances or any facet of our earthly life.

Philippians is a book filled with many themes regarding joy and how to be people of joy, but also so much more! You'll learn how to pray like Paul, how to be a follower of Christ and what our conduct should look like in our lives. You'll understand the value of unity, sanctification, and what it means to stand firm. The message from Paul, his manifesto to joy, has many lessons to be learned not only for the church he planted in Philippi, but for us and the church today.

Joy-Regardless-of-CDsThis is a special edition, 40 CD set with a bonus CD containing his notes for use in a classroom or seminar setting. You can use this for a one on one deep bible study or share at your church or small group for an in-depth study that will take you deep into God’s Word. You can request this entire set on either a special edition CD set or on a flash drive that be used with a smart TV or on a computer. The special boxed set of the teaching from the book of Philippians normally sells for over $150 but for your gift of only $99, the entire teaching series Philippians: A Manifesto to Joy, can be yours.

To send your gift and request your copy of Philippians: A Manifesto to Joy, simply follow this link...WORTHY WALK GIFT.