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An Easter Message

The entire overarching story of the Bible can be told in three key narratives. The Bible opens in a garden (Genesis 1-3), the Bible ends in a garden (Revelation 21-22) and in the middle…Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane before his crucifixion. The theme of the entire relationship of God with man takes place in a garden.

The story of Easter is an invitation back into the garden, but you cannot understand the invitation if you do not know the story of the removal from the garden. And you cannot fully anticipate the new garden until you see what has been lost. Knowing this, we can begin to understand that the story did not end in a garden because of one major event. The resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 Join Pastor Tim Armstrong as he teaches how what happened in Eden has been healed in the garden of Christ’s crucifixion and how we are made alive by our faith in Christ and are invited back into the garden of God.