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Overcoming the Language Gap

Language Gap

Sometimes when we study the Bible, we forget that there may be a language barrier between us and the writers. How do we overcome it? Read on......

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Catch the Vision

Catch the Vision

I couldn't believe the difference in my vision when I finally broke down and got glasses. The clarity! The detail! How much more important is it that we see God clearly? And our main tool to keep our spiritual vision in check is God's Word....

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Read the instruction manual

Read the instructions

My new vacuum cleaner taught me a Bible lesson. We had just purchased the complicated machine, featuring different brushes for different surfaces, multiple cleaning solutions for various needs, and a restoration process that would clean the appliance and prepare it for the next job. As I stood staring at all of the pieces and parts, I was a little overwhelmed. How did they...

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On discipline and distractions

Discipline and Distractions

We all have struggles when it comes to studying God's Word. Distractions pop in, tough passages frustrate us, temptations pull at us. How do we get the most out of our time with the Bible? Here are a few practical tips....

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Living Open-Handed

Open Handed Living

When we open our hands to receive God's salvation, he also gives us spiritual gifts. But only through submission and discipline can our gifts realize their potential....

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Conduit or Complication?

Conduit or Complication

Knowing WHAT we believe is vital, but we must also know WHY we believe it. Do our beliefs line up with Scripture, or are they more closely held with tradition or personal values?...

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What's in a Name?

Whats in a name SQUARE

Have you ever been called by the wrong name? It can be hurtful, even when we know it is an honest mistake. But one name should never be forgotten--the Name above all names....

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Between The Rock and a hard place


Have you fully embraced your new life in Christ, or do you remain paralyzed by past shame, stuck between The Rock and a hard place?...

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From Conformity to Calling


God has indeed uniquely equipped each believer to serve Him and His kingdom, but did you know that HOW we use them matters, too? The Apostle Paul has some thoughts for us on how we live out our calling....

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Are you filling your cup?

filling your cup

Do you have a favorite coffee cup? One that has just the right look, the right feel, the right capacity? Just like our favorite mug, we have each been created to fill a unique purpose--and it is a beautiful thing when we find the right fit!...

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