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Explore the Word of God verse by verse and be encouraged as you come to more fully know Christ and His plan for your life.

Get to Know Us

Tim Armstrong is the Senior Pastor of The Chapel in Akron, Ohio. The Chapel has five campuses with a combined worship attendance of over 6,500. Tim is a 1989 graduate of Cedarville University. He completed a Masters of Theology (Th.M) from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1992 and is currently pursuing his doctorate at Knox Theological Seminary.


Read the instruction manual

My new vacuum cleaner taught me a Bible lesson. We had just purchased the complicated machine, featuring different brushes for different surfaces, multiple clea...

On discipline and distractions

We all have struggles when it comes to studying God's Word. Distractions pop in, tough passages frustrate us, temptations pull at us. How do we get the most out...